Terms and Conditions of use

Room Hire and Catering Prices

All hire and catering prices are correct at the time of advertising.
All prices quoted are exclusive of GST where applicable and allowable by law.


Detailed invoices will be provided upon completion of the booking and must be paid in full within 7 days of issue or within 24 hours of the booking period commencing, whichever is the sooner.


The facilities provided by the Loft may vary at The Loft’s absolute discretion. Facilities include, but are not limited to Wifi availability, monitor usage and availability, window whiteboards and catering.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of usage and/or catering within 24 hours incurs a 100% hire and/or catering charge and cancellation within 48 hours incurs a 50% hire and/or catering charge.

In the event that The Loft becomes unavailable, The Loft reserves the right to provide the Client with at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or rearrange the existing booking.

Indemnity Policy

The Loft Owners and building Landlord shall be expressly indemnified by the Client against any loss, damage which is caused by corruption of data or any loss of information from hardware, software, mechanical, Internet damage or any errors by The Loft Owners or building Landlord. The Client guarantees that it will not use The Loft for any immoral or illegal purposes.


All property of The Loft remains the property of The Loft and must not be taken from the premises without the express consent of The Loft.

Clients of The Loft must treat all equipment and property of The Loft with care. Any damage to equipment or property of The Loft identified during or at the cessation of the usage period will be fully chargeable to the Client.

Any faulty equipment identified must be advised to your Loft Host.

Dress and Behaviour Code

When utilising the Loft smart dress standard applies at all times.

Reasonable and professional behaviour of Clients is expected at all times.

Health & Safety

All Clients of The Loft must ensure the safety of themselves and others using the same meeting venue and must not do anything to harm or cause potential harm to themselves or others.

Any risks or hazards identified must be immediately advised to your Loft Host.

A basic First Aid kit is available for use by Clients and is located in the bottom right locker. Please advise your Host if you use anything from this kit so that replacements can be arranged.

The Loft is strictly non-smoking at all time.


Dial 111 in an emergency.

A first extinguisher is located in the common area of the First Floor office.

A medical practice is located 100 metres along Marae Lane should medical aid be required.

In an emergency please evacuate the premises immediately and gather across Ngaio Road on the grass verge where you are to wait until the New Zealand Fire Service or your Loft Host gives you permission to re-enter the premises.


The Client will be responsible for The Loft’s reasonable costs in recovering any monies owed under this Agreement.

Termination of Usage

The Loft owners or your Loft Host reserve the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect should any of the conditions in this agreement not be met or are breached. Should this occur, the Client agrees that they have not right to claim a refund or costs for damages as a result of the termination.